The Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation a non-profit foundation based in Bangkok, Thailand. It developed from the Fragile Palm Leaves manuscript preservation project, which began in Bangkok in 1994. The project became a registered foundation under Thai law on 21 February 2001 (Registration No. To. 66/2544).

Its aim is to preserve Buddhist manuscripts and make them available through replication. The project's collection includes manuscripts in Pali and in several South East Asian languages, such as Burmese, Shan, Tai Khun, Tai Lue, and Mon. These manuscripts are in a variety of formats, primarily on palm leaf but also on paper and other materials. The project seeks to promote awareness of preservation, and exchange information with other projects in the region.

The Fragile Palm Database is a resource tool that gives titles and other details for a large collection of palm-leaf manuscripts in Pali language and Burmese script and in Burmese language.


akkharaṃ ekamekaṃ ca
buddharūpasamaṃ siyā
tasmā hi paṇḍito poso
rakkheyya piṭakattayaṃ

caturāsīti sahassāni
sambuddhā parimāṇakā
ṭhitā nāma bhavissanti
tiṭṭhante piṭakattaye

The Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation

Every single letter of the Dharma
is equal to the image of the Buddha:
therefore a wise person
should preserve the Tripitaka.

In the Dharma of the Buddha
There are 84,000 teachings:
therefore, where there is a Tripitaka
there there are 84,000 Buddhas.

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