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About the database

This database started life as a FileMakerPro 5 application. The initial design was done by Bhikshuni Vinita Tseng of Taiwan, and additional modifications were subsequently made with the help of Eric Colombel, Ed Murphy, and Jamie Lewis Zellerbach.

Beginning in 2009, the database has been completely redeveloped in the care of Dharma Drum Buddhist College in Taiwan. The data has been extracted, normalized, converted to unicode from a number of different encodings, and some limited cleaning up has been done.

The database is now running on a PostgreSQL server. This site is built with Python, Django and jQuery.

PostgreSQL Python Django jQuery
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When this option is selected, searches will ignore diacritical marks of all kinds (in the data and in the query terms).

Note:  You can type using velthius encoding (e.g., 'aa' -> 'ā', '.d' -> 'ḍ' etc.) in these text boxes, and your input will be automatically 'composed'. Try it -- it should be fairly intuitive.